Finishing Touches Kit

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Cruelty-free & vegan

So, you've got the basics and now you're ready for something extra? Complete your look with this powerful kit. All kits are 20% off RRP.

    What's included?

    Beard & Brow Gel
    Tame and shape unruly facial hairs with this lightweight, non-sticky gel.

    Anti-Shine Powder
    Minimise unwanted shine and oiliness with this transparent powder.

    Pressed powder to bring warmth to your skin. It comes in a discreet compact with a mirror.

    Metal Powder Brush
    The Metal Powder Brush has a heavy feel to the base and soft synthetic hairs, making applying powder products a breeze.

    Finishing Touches Kit

    War Paint is here to give you a choice of award-winning products you can use to feel confident every day. Find out more about your makeup kit below.


    War Paint makeup is light coverage and matte, so no one will know you're wearing makeup unless you tell them. You can simply enjoy that "you look great, mate" moment.

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