Let’s talk bald products

There a variety of reasons that men decide to shave their head. For many it's because they are losing their hair, for others it's because the style is easier to maintain, or sometimes it’s because they can simply pull it off. 


Regardless of your choice, just like any style there are a lot of considerations when it comes to maintenance. From accidentally cutting yourself while shaving or getting sunburnt there a lot of potential problems. Yet, one problem that radiates like a beacon is for those who don’t like having a shiny head. Is there a way to make your head less shiny? Well, of course there is! We at War Paint For Men want to explore solutions to many problems that men experience and that’s what we are going to do today by going through products that can make a bald head less shiny.

Bald head moisturiser

The reason that you may be getting a shiny head is due to the sebaceous glands. They’re what help to keep our skin in good condition by producing natural skin-protecting oils. They’re located all over the body, but they secrete more oils on the head thaen anywhere else. The oils naturally protect your skin and hair follicles, however, can create a reflective surface on a shaved scalp. 

The shine can be exacerbated by adding more oily products or by sweating profusely. Using the wrong men’s head moisturiser can be causing additional shininess. Men absolutely need moisturiser especially if they are bald, however getting the right one for your skin type is very important. To help you choose which moisturiser you need first you'll have to determine whether you have a normal, dry, or oily skin type. 

A good way to test this for yourself is to wash your face and head with lukewarm water and use a gentle cleanser and then. Wait for around 30 minutes without applying any additional products. If your skin feels oily and develops a sheen then your skin is most likely an oily type. If your skin becomes flaky and feels dry or tight, then you likely have a dry skin type. If your skin feels comfortable and free of grease then you probably have normal skin. Using the wrong moisturiser can impact your skin, potentially clogging up your pores and make your head more shiny. So it’s a good idea to understand your skin type before choosing your skincare.


If you want to quickly reduce the amount of reflection if you have an oily type skin is to apply some anti-shine powder.

Bald head wax

Don’t worry, we know you’re not a pine bedside cabinet, so you don’t need to buy a high polish varnish for your head! That being said, waxing men's bald heads is a practice old as barber shops themselves. It has become quite popular to wax heads rather then shave them. There are a few benefits to a wax over a shave . The main one being that your hair follicles are not as irritated compared to using a blade. If you have sensitive skin, regular shaving of your head can be quite uncomfortable. However, waxing is definitely more painful than shaving in the short term. Don’t believe me? Why not watch a waxing video to get a better picture.

Sunscreen for bald head

First off, wearing sunscreen is a must, whatever the weather. Especially if you've shaved your head. Even though for baold men is the most prominent exposed part of them, it also happens to be the most vulnerable to the damaging rays of the sun. The sun is your friend, but do not presume on your friendship. Protect your delicate skin by choosing the right sunscreen for your bald head. Cheaper sunscreens can often be quite greasy and will increase the shine of your head. So when it comes to protection you may want to splash out a bit and get a more costly sunblock that won’t leave an unwanted sheen. We’d recommend finding a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above, as this will provide great protection.

General bald head care

The best way to look after your glorious dome and prevent it from getting too shiny is with general bald head care. For example, even without hair you still need to wash the top of your head with shampoo or soap. Keep your head clear from excess oils and bacteria and you will be less likely to have an unnecessarily shiny bald head. When shaving, make sure that you use sharp razors that aren’t rusty or dull to minimise the chance of cuts, nicks and infection.




July 28, 2022 — Jacob Macfarlane

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