Looking after our appearance isn’t always top of the priority list. Especially when work, socialising, kids and life get in the way. But every so often it’s good to take stock and see where improvements can be made. A few simple changes can make a lot of difference to how you come across, and how you feel about yourself.

Here are a few simple things you can do to spruce up your look. 

Get a haircut

When we haven’t had a haircut in a while it’s all too easy to think your hair looks fine how it is. Getting a fresh trim is something quick and simple that will help you to look more refined and groomed immediately. Even if you’re sporting long hair, getting it trimmed or shaped will help you to feel like a million dollars. Plus, you’ll be supporting local business. Win-win. 

Groom your facial hair

When we’re busy our facial hair can go awry, and before you know it it’s looking a bit caveman-esque. If you look after your facial hair at home rather than getting it tamed at the barbers, you can take steps to make sure your beard and brows are looking on point. 

Fill in any gaps with the Beard & Brow Filler, and ensure your hairs are smoothed down and pointing in the same direction using the Beard and Brow Gel. You’ll immediately look more put together. 

Prepare your skin

If you look after your skin, you will notice a difference. You’ll help to prevent signs of skin ageing, and any makeup products you apply afterwards will go on much smoother, and last longer. Skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. There are two main products you can use at a starting point:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser morning and night. A cleanser designed for your skin type will be best (e.g. blemish-prone, oily, dry, normal). 
  2. Moisturise with SPF in the morning. Protecting our skin from the sun is the best way to look 40 when you’re 50. Even if it’s cloudy outside or you’re not leaving the house - if you can read without a lamp on, you need to wear SPF as the sun’s rays will find you.

Add the finishing touches

You can add makeup into your routine to help you look fresher, more awake and cover any blemishes or scars. We’d suggest using the products in the order listed below, but you don’t have to follow all the steps if you prefer to keep your grooming regime a bit more simple. 

  1. Prepare your skin with primer. Apply a small amount all over your face to help the makeup applied afterwards to be smoother and last longer. 
  2. Conceal blemishes and dark circles. Using a concealer or liquid concealer pen, you can help cover any uneven marks on the skin. Tap the product onto the skin using your finger or a sponge. 
  3. Even out skin tone with foundation or tinted moisturiser. You can apply this all over your face using your fingers, a sponge, or a brush. Take care to make it look natural by checking it hasn’t sunk into fine lines around your eyes or nose and checking along your jawline that it blends into your neck seamlessly. 
  4. You can add a subtle warmth to your skin with a bronzer (to make it look like we haven’t spent most of the past year inside). Apply it with a powder brush to areas where the sun would naturally hit your face, usually around the top of the forehead and cheekbones. To keep it looking natural, don’t go too heavy on the bronzer. 
  5. If you get oily or shiny skin, apply a small amount of anti-shine powder to the desired areas (usually the nose, forehead and chin) using a powder brush.
October 27, 2021 — Hannah Brill


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