Over the years I’ve learnt some valuable lessons about concealer.

  1. Apply it right and it’ll be your best friend. Apply it wrong and you’ll look like a middle aged Kung-Fu Panda.
  2. DO take it for granted - It can be used for an abundance of things including hiding dark under eye circles, evening out skin tone and discolouration or extra coverage for the unwanted spot that cropped up because you had a late one the night before.
  3. It doesn’t have to be used in conjunction with a ton of other makeup products.
  4. The myth that there is a specific order in which you apply your foundation and concealer is just that, a total myth.
  5. Sometimes, less is more.

Most makeup artists or bloggers recommend going 1/2 - 1 shades lighter than your foundation when buying concealer so as to brighten your face, not illuminate! And as much as I love to usually challenge the norm, I agree with the majority on this subject. But don’t go too light, you don’t want to white wash your face!

Personally, I have uneven, rough skin with quite visible pores so before I use concealer, I apply Primer. Primer gives the concealer something to stick to – which ultimately makes it last longer on your face, stops unwanted creasing under the eyes and evens out your pores without clogging them up.

Whether you use foundation or concealer first, it’s up to you. But make sure when you apply concealer, and subsequently blend it, you dab… Not rub. Rubbing will remove the concealer and any already applied product underneath.

I tend to use my wedding band finger to dab as it applies the perfect amount of pressure, the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than that of the rest of your face so the application can’t be too hard. But this technique isn’t gospel, find the perfect way to apply concealer for you.





Another application method is to use our face sponge. Follow the instructions on the box but essentially you soften the sponge using water, ring it out and dab to blend. Dab dab dab.







Check out our application tutorial video below for added inspiration... 




Now for the piece de resistance, the finishing powder. This gem locks in any and all face make up causing a non-shiny, matte finish and we’ve just released an Anti-Shine Powder too – How coincidental!






Apply all over your face, not just to the concealed areas… It’s translucent so you won’t look like Donald Trump after using it. This is my new “go-to” product and I don’t leave the house without it.

April 02, 2019 — Jacob Macfarlane

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